Crystal Ring

Crystal Ring

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This ring represents the past, present and bright future of a couple or relationship

Ring// Crafted in 925 sterling silver with Thick Gold Plated. Nickel free, Lead Free

Additional information:

- Purchase GIFT Box for loved one 

- Size: ADJUSTABLE (one size fits all)

(please be gentle when adjusting the ring. aggressively pulling on the ring could damage it, break, or a gem could calm off. Slowly and steadily pull apart to enlarge the ring and gently tighten it on your preferred size) 

NON-TARNISH (alloy and nickel free)

Durable Materials 

Make sure to properly clean 

- Avoid contact with chemicals 

-  Resistant to water only/water proof. Tarnishing happens from chemicals (shampoo, lotion etc) and chemical composition of the wearer (avoid wearing consistently in the shower). It can also happen due to deficiency of iron in your body as well.